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In the city

In my humble southern opinion we are  teaching our children to me malable in these dusty zero affectionate settlements next to highways.  So what can we do about it.  Our peopled have been roasted and squeezed. Well I think we can change this.

I found a delightful book which includes the golden rule and historical content. Its the Holy bible.  Oh if we just take the time and read it.  An it is allot more fun to read and discuss the teachings.  We just need to prioritize  and give some  knowledge its important time.  I’m 56 years  old and retiring 2 years now I slow down enough to read some of this amazing book that  has been sitting in my many residence since I was a child.  I’ve hauled around this country my great grandmothers King James version.  My sons modern version and a teaching version for Recovery people.

So what is it about this book that grandmother said was so important.  I didn’t go to church for 27 years.  But I kept them with me.  It was important for me to give one to each of my children when they were little.  But to tell you the truth I didn’t   sit around the table talking about the people or places.   I would occasionally take the children to church and I like the experience. But what I heard sounded afar.   Maybe it was that big imaginative baseball bat that would clunk me in the head.  hmmm

When I started in AA many years ago they told me if you don’t like your mothers God than discover your own.  That appealed to me.  So I did give that some thought.  My childlike love for nature fostered this new vision of God.. But did I make hours in my week to seek out and try to have a relationship with this God?  Nada  




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